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Unique, just for you in the world

Traditional Japanese technique

Our products are colored using the traditional Japanese finishing technique called "Niiro-shiage." By boiling metal in a coloring solution, an oxidized film forms on the surface, giving it weather resistance and a unique coloration.

Natural coloration created by nature's forces

Since the color is created using natural processes, it is difficult to reproduce the same hue by hand due to variations in the concentration of the coloring solution, boiling time, and stirring method. As a result, no two items are identical. Each piece has its own unique coloration.

Aging gracefully over time

Products colored with Niro-shiage will age beautifully, much like leather products. The color will gradually change depending on the environment in which it is displayed, and its unique texture will become more pronounced. Over time, a beauty unique to you and found nowhere else in the world will emerge.

Consideration for the environment

The coloring solution used in Niro-shiage is safe enough to be discharged into household wastewater.

We utilize the traditional Japanese technique of "Niiro-shiage" while being environmentally conscious, delivering one-of-a-kind products to you.

Please experience the unique charm by holding it in your hands.