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True value

Timeless and unchanging through the ages.

We live in an era of constant change in various fields. During such a time, we want to cherish the "values" that people hold. In particular, we believe in "True values" — beliefs that are timeless and unchanging through the ages.

We want to create a win-win-win relationship between artists, their fans, and us at GALLERIST. 

"True value" lies in such a relationship, and we believe this will become the new standard. To be true to our beliefs, the following are our three promises to you.


We will disclose costs and build fair relationships.

Artists' pay has never been disclosed to the public; unfortunately, that's still the case today. We want fans to be able to know how their money is being distributed. 

By rectifying the manufacturer-artist power balance, we will build fair relationships. To the best of our ability, we will manufacture and exhibit the works of all artists expressing participation. *Shape/size restrictions apply.


We will utilize authentic materials and traditional techniques.

The products we create are free of lead — which can be harmful to humans —

Tin utilize 100% recycled metal.Rare metals are not yet recycled metal, but we are looking for ways

Furthermore, we meticulously and precisely reproduce works using traditional craft techniques such as "Niiro-shiage", a finishing method for metal crafts used since the Edo period.


We will manufacture products in hygienic factories.

Safety is our top priority; thus, our products are manufactured in hygienic environments.
Installations include forced ventilation systems, highly dustproof DS2 masks, eye-protection goggles, and hand-protection gloves. 

To create the best possible work environment for employees, we constantly ask ourselves if we'd be happy letting our family work there.

None of our products are the same. Each one is unique in its own way.

This is because we utilize natural phenomena instead of artificial painting.
Unlike plastic figures, casting metal figures is a one-shot game. That's why every one of our products has its own distinctive taste. 

With time and aged beautification, the metal products will transform into your own unique, extraordinary treasures. Enjoy the raw natural beauty — in your hands only.