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Kouji Tajima


Digital Artist / Sculptor





Your actions today will surely be judged in the near future.

A work created especially for the first book
The release of the book meant that Koji Tajima's accumulated experience had been recognized.

I tried to express the existence beyond the daily accumulation.

Characteristics of Works

Koji Tajima's work uses the power of combination.

Not a common combination that anyone can understand.
First subdivide things, then abstract, then combine, and finally concretize again.

In this way, his combination reveals an atmosphere that only he can create.

Koji Tajima said he prefers to find the light rather than add shade.

Seeing through to the essence of the matter

We think his work is a little rough around the edges
We believe that this is because he sees the essence of the work and focuses on bringing it to light.

We think it reveals the importance of focusing on what really needs to be cared for.