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Yuuki Morita


Digital Artist / Sculptor





Characteristics of Works

When we see an endless view of the horizon, when we visit a shrine or church, when we feel the presence of something great, or when we have a vivid experience, a feeling that cannot be described in words surges through us.

I have always been in pursuit of works that emit such a sign. I find such frivolous things as social meaning, enlightenment, and context boring.
Now I just create what I myself want to see and look for people who share my passion for it.

The creation of artwork is self-salvation, to give birth to what one seeks in this world, and a landmark to gather one's friends. It has no social message.

Motivation arises only from a longing for something more implausible and unproductive, such as the collective consciousness of living things, the afterlife, the origins of this world, and other things that are endless no matter how much we think about them, even though they might be laughed at as trivial, and a desire to get as close to them as possible.