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Zoom “Squirrel” - GALLERIST
Zoom “Squirrel” - GALLERIST
Zoom “Squirrel” - GALLERIST
Zoom “Squirrel” - GALLERIST
Zoom “Squirrel” - GALLERIST
Zoom “Squirrel” - GALLERIST
Zoom “Squirrel” - GALLERIST
Zoom “Squirrel” - GALLERIST
Zoom “Squirrel” - GALLERIST



Introduction to the Artwork

Artist: Yoshimasa Tsuchiya

The town where I grew up was a residential area developed on a hill, and there was a mountain right behind it. Wild Taiwanese squirrels lived there, and even in the residential areas, I often saw them running along the power lines.

Seeing squirrels reminds me of my hometown, and I feel relieved. Their posture of stopping suddenly, hunching their backs, and putting their palms together is like that of someone making a wish, and I feel close to them.

From the exhibition greeting when the squirrel work was released:

Since 2019, the world has been in a state of uncertainty due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (as of the exhibition held in 2021). I tried to give a visible form to the invisible anxiety, focusing on the animals living in the forest in my mind.

The squirrels, with their wave-like patterns and antique finish, represent a longing for a different world that is "here and now."

Release date:

We will ship them out sequentially after the release date.

Limited edition

100 units.

Disclose costs

Factory: $52.31
Metal: $16.47
Mold: $2.36
Shipping: $36.62
Packing material: $12.11
Creditcard fee: $29.36
Total cost: $149.21

For artist: $234.53
Gallerist: $100.51
*Does not include import duties
*The price changes according to the exchange rate.

Why disclose costs?

Material & Size 

Lead-free metal

Product size
Height : 9 cm ( 3.54 ”)
Width : 6 cm ( 2.36 ”)
Depth : 7.2 cm ( 2.83 ”)

Weight : 488 g ( 1.08 lbs)

Box size
Length : 21cm (8.26inch)
Width : 14cm (5.51inch)
Height :9.5cm (3.74inch)


Traditional craft techniques "Niiro-shiage"

about Niiro-shiage

JAN codede


Characteristics of Works

Anyone can see it and understand it immediately.
Beautiful curves
Gentle eyes
Transparent colors
Tsuchiya's work is a mixture of these elements, sublimated into a mysterious atmosphere.

We believe there is another charm to Tsuchiya's work
It is both black and white.
It is morning and night.
Male and female
Tsuchiya's work dares to shift the values that are taken for granted and
we feel that the artist expresses the values of we feel that the artist expresses the values of "there are other points of view, aren't there?

The fact that this axis is common to all the works makes them even more appealing.

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